School Garden

Compass Academy Charter School Cashton Hampton turning the soil Compass Academy Charter School melon Compass Academy Charter School Natalia Alverez, Ethan Wence, Samara Roma, Elijah Tamayo, Madison Kenyon, James Martha,  Fatih DeCicco, Nicholas Mainiero observing herbs

Children excel when they are doing the learning rather than “sitting and getting” information. Our Compass Garden Club, comprised of families, teachers, and students, is just one of the ways that our children are engaged in their learning. Our children have the opportunity to learn from the community through 4-H and Master Gardeners. They also have beds in front of the school where each grade plants flowers and tends to them on a weekly basis. Lastly, our 2nd graders are our Garden Buddies and they are working to build a re-purposed garden for the community as well as developing a recycling program for the school.