The Compass Difference

At Compass Academy Charter School every child will get the best education in Southern New Jersey because we offer each child a quality education through innovative approaches.

Quality Education:

  • All faculty are NJ Certified teachers
  • All administration are NJ Certified with Masters degrees
  • All curriculum follows the New Jersey Common Core Content Standards
  • Children will have formative MAP benchmark assessments to track their progress
  • All faculty use the most current Best Practices in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies
  • All faculty and children are exposed to the most current technology curriculum standards in order to be equipped in today’s technology-driven world
  • All faculty are coached throughout the year by a Facilitator of Teaching and Learning to become the most effective classroom facilitator
  • All Board of Trustees Members are valued contributing members of the Vineland, Millville, and Pittsgrove communities

Innovative Approaches:

  • Our children are learning in small class sizes
  • Each child has an individualized Learning Profile and personal strategies for success through the Let Me Learn Process®
  • Parents are invited to be a part of daily lessons as well as class projects and activities throughout the year
  • Family workshops are offered on a monthly basis with focus topics such as homework, dealing with stress, how to bring music in the home and how to become a stronger family unit by understanding one another better
  • All meals are cooked and baked on site by our personal chef in order to keep our children healthy and mindful of good nutrition
  • All children are members of the Cumberland County 4-H program which offers numerous opportunities of growth and career exploration
  • Students participate in monthly Making Sense Days where children connect to their learning through real-life hands-on activities
  • Children participate in Service Learning events helping their local and greater community