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Scrip is an incredible fundraising tool for non-profit organizations like our school. You earn money for Compass Academy just by using gift cards to pay for your everyday purchases.  When you purchase through scrip you are earning money for the school without adding any extra cost to your regular budget! Each week we will have cards for you to purchase right in the office (Wawa, Shoprite, Acme, Walmart, and Target). Just come in and pay with cash and receive those cards immediately. Every other week you will have the opportunity to order your cards from a more extensive list (see below) on a Monday and receive them by Friday. Watch the video below to find out how much our school could earn with Scrip fundraising!

Family Order Form 2015– use this to order your SCRIP cards every time!

Scrip Explanation

How to Use Presto Pay and Order Cards Online

Shopping Methods for Using Scrip

Brand List for SCRIP Cards


Compass Scrip Coordinator- Nicole Scull