An effective school follows a thorough and thoughtfully designed curriculum, or course of study.

Here at Compass Academy we use a curriculum that is based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Our teachers, with the assistance of Dr. Nancy Ward created a sound “living” curriculum that follows the States New Jersey Student Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, best teaching practices, and the personal learning tool of the Let Me Learn Process. To view the current curriculum map click on the links below:

Kindergarten ELA

Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten Science

1st Grade ELA

1st Grade Math

1st Grade Science

2nd Grade ELA

2nd Grade Math

2nd Grade Science

3rd Grade ELA

3rd Grade Math

3rd Grade Science

4th Grade ELA

4th Grade Math

4th Grade Science

5th Grade ELA Writing

5th Grade ELA Reading

5th Grade Math

5th Grade Science

5th Grade Social Studies