Assessments come in many forms. While our teachers use various means of capturing the learner’s growth Primary MAP and MAP are school-wide benchmark assessments used at Compass throughout the year. Students take MAP assessments in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

MAP® assessments are used to measure your student’s progress or growth in school. You may have a chart in your home on which you mark your child’s height at certain times, such as on his or her birthday. This is a growth chart. It shows how much he or she has grown from one year to the next. MAP® assessments do the same sort of thing, except they measure your child’s growth in mathematics, reading, language usage, and science skills.

MAP® for Primary Grades–These computerized tests include Screening (diagnostic) tests, Skills Checklist (diagnostic) tests, and Survey w/Goals (adaptive) tests in Reading and Mathematics. These assessments:

  • Provide teachers with an efficient way to assess achievement levels of early learners so they can spend more time teaching and less time administering individual diagnostic tests.
  • Provide information to guide instruction during the early stages of a student’s academic career. Early learners enter school with a wide variety
    of educational experiences.
  • Early identification of achievement levels is foundational for teachers establishing an environment for early academic success.
  • Identify the needs of all primary grades students, from struggling to advanced learners.
  • Utilize engaging test items that encourage student participation for more accurate results.

For more information please see the link to the Parent Tool Kit: