Due to the rising obesity rates among our country’s school age children, we are placing more emphasis on the fitness components of the physical education curriculum.  The students will be introduced to fun, safe and effective ways to improve upon their current fitness levels.   We are hoping to equip each student with more knowledge concerning fitness monitoring, setting fitness goals, and identifying ways to become and stay more physically fit.

All Compass Academy Charter School students will be creating and monitoring student fitness portfolios. As the students get older, they will be able to self monitor their weight changes and fitness results from school year to school year. This portfolio will contain each student’s own personal fitness data such as height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), resting heart rate, target heart rate,  and current physical fitness levels.  Additional information such as stress levels, nutritional analysis, and sleep analysis may be determined and completed in physical education class.

The purpose of the portfolio is to help each student compare his/her measurements to the national standards/recommendations, identify any areas that need improvement, and develop a plan/goal/activities to address each individual student’s needs. The information and analysis to be taught can be an extremely valuable tool in showing students how to monitor their own health/fitness levels not just now, but for the rest of their lives.