Staff Directory 2017-2018


Mrs. Susan Little, Principal – ext. 121

Mr. Glenn Richardson, School Business Administrator – ext. 101

Main Office

Ms. Stephanie Tomarchio, Administrative Assistant – ext. 123


Mrs. Jane Berger, Counselor and Instructional Facilitator – ext. 102
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Mrs. Nicole Munoz- ext. 127

Ms. Michele Marino- Instructional Aide:

Mrs. Kelsey Shelton – ext. 110

Ms. Jana Mitchell- Instructional Aide:

First Grade

Mrs. Amanda Starn, – ext. 112

Mrs. Terri Veltman- Instructional Aide:

Mrs. Natasha Cary – ext. 107

Mrs. Katie Weigel- Instructional Aide:

Second Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Tistan – ext. 111

Mrs. Christa Simonini – ext. 108

Third Grade

Ms. Dani Cucunato – ext. 109

Ms. Shannon Branch – ext. 113

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Leanne Kuhn – ext. 105

Mrs. Sarah Sabla – ext. 106
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Fifth Grade

Mrs. Dawn Payne – ext. 103

Mr. Darrell Ford – ext. 104

Basic Skills Instruction and Enrichment Teacher

Mrs. Nicole Boesz – ext. 116

Special Education Resource Room Teacher

Ms. Kelsi McCafferty- ext. 126

Child Study Team

Mrs. Jennifer Crowell-

Dr. Todd Hackett-Slim, Director of Salem County Special Services School District, CST

Music Instruction

Mr. Reid Westergaard

Art Instruction

Ms. Amber Nagle

Physical Education and Health

Ms. Linda Sylvester – ext. 125
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Technology Support

Mr. Edwin Wargo- ext. 123

School Nurse

Mrs. Kristen Stebbins – ext. 114

Food Services and Maintenance

Mrs. Margaret Convey- Chef- ext. 124

Ms. Monica Pagan- Lunch Manager- ext. 124

Mr. Rick Treen- Maintenance- ext. 124

Lead Founder and Compass Care Director

Mr. Joel Johnston- ext. 122